Guinness-Lights Off

Guinness is happy to introduce Earth Hour Day to all of you who enjoy Guinness’ signature black beer with us. Earth Hour Day is a global event proposed by the World Wildlife Fund and it is annually celebrated by encouraging people to turn off non-essential electric lights from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. on the last Saturday in March. Therefore, the Earth Hour Day of 2022 falls on March 26th. Guinness brewery cares about the environmental sustainability and the well-being of human beings so we feel proud to cooperate with this event and appeal for lights-off during this special time period and even adapt to your daily habit. Guinness promises to continuously provide you with high-quality black beer which may remind you of the light-free dark night sky. Just have a sip!

Guinness – Infographic

“Dark” is the key work in our campaign which aims to reduce light pollution and promote Earth Hour to Guinness lovers and people around them. We wish to see a dark sky at night and we also wish to see you all enjoy Guinness’ dark beer and pass this happiness to people elsewhere. We are eager to convey the point through this campaign that does not be afraid of the dark because sometimes dark means better, just like turning off non-essential lights and getting yourself in a dark environment will help to protect the Earth; and drinking a cup of Guinness dark black beer will make you enjoy your time better.

Guinness – Bus Shelter post
Guinness – IG post

What’s more? Guinness brewery wants to explore a deeper connection with the idea of “dark”. Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands in the world and we are happy to share the best black beer for over 260 years. This long brand history provides us with strong confidence to keep moving on for a better tomorrow. As a result, we come up with this anti-light pollution campaign in 2022 to praise the ultimate power of the dark. We are now inviting every people who have stayed with Guinness to first turn off the electric lights during the night and share a lovely night with Guinness. Cheers up!

Guinness – Freeway Billboard