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Yunjie Xiao

(+1) 213-7066-133

Education Background


The Ohio State University (OSU)

Major: Communication

GPA: 3.83/4.0


University of Southern California (USC)

Major: Digital Social Media

Course Highlight

Writing Strategic Communication | Communication and Decision Making | Strategic Media Planning | Mass Communication and Society | Video Game Individual | Intercultural Communication | Public Communication Campaign | Human-Computer Interaction | Statistics | Technologies in Digital Media | Consumer Behavior

Projects and Researches


Humor in Illness Support Group (Group Member)

Supervisor: Prof. Susan Kline

  • Extended the research done on the online humor of hemophiliacs in the support group
  • Found online illness supportive groups on Google/Facebook Group, read comments and responses from patients and their family members or friends
  • Looked for humor in their speeches, using a coding sheet to evaluate the humor by analyzing the word they use, the purpose of humor, and the effect they aim to achieve


Qualitative Research and Campaign Proposal for Chipotle(Group Member)

Supervisor: Prof. Jeffery Hirsch

  • We conducted individual interviews, ethnographic, and focus groups on Chipotle as a group.
  • Collected and analyzed information from qualitative research to reflect on how interviewees with different cultural backgrounds viewed Chipotle, then developed a report on each research method.
  • Leveraged online tools and resources to redesign the posters and website pages for Chipotle


Marketing Entry for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened(Group Member)

Supervisor: Prof. Jeffery Thompson

  • Our group launched background research on the mobile game and established a market entry campaign for it.
  • Our group went through the market entry structure. The first part of the campaign contains a comprehensive market analysis including evaluating the attractiveness, competitors, users, and entry feasibility.
  • We took the financial assessment for budgets and searched for an optimal agent to manage the mobile game in the US market as well as some promotion methods.

Professional Experiences


Ogilvy & Mather

Marketing Intern

  • Conducted brand analysis for clients on product value, target audience, and projected advertising strategy.
  • Accurately delivered product information and promotion content to advertising designers.
  • Focused on the brand itself, through the analysis of brand positioning, target groups, consumers’ needs, and product strength, to formulate a logical and complete strategic closed loop for a brand.
  • Formed and practiced preliminary strategic thinking and rigorous language skills.
  • Trained to think and promote the product according to consumers’ needs.


Visionary Media Company

Intern in TV Show Producer’s Assistant

  • Generated the user profile, competitor evaluation, marketing analysis, and content structure for a new TV show Boom! Heart, which is co-produced by Hunan Broadcast Company.
    (The TV show contains 12 episodes, and each episode gains an average of 65 million views.)
  • Participated in online meetings with the guests’ team and program counselors; integrated meeting contents into reports for further program structuring.
  • Met with 5 professional scriptwriter teams and contextualized some initial ideas my team provided.
  • Facilitated film shooting and learned to effectively communicate with crew members and collaborate with people from different departments in the company to ensure the program was processing smoothly.

07/2023 – Present

CSI Professionals Inc.

Marketing Associate

  • Assist with the set-up, facilitation, and completion of marketing events for CSI
  • Assist with the graphic design of marketing materials.
  • Conduct market research to better understand the marketing needs of CSI and its target audience under the supervision of the Market Research Team and supervisor.
  • Help to run various social media accounts of CSI.
  • Assist in interviewing international students and discuss CSI’s marketing and placement guidelines.
  • Attend and represent the company at various job campus events.


09/2019-12/2019Dean’s List, OSU
03/2019-05/2019Dean’s List, OSU
03/2018-05/2018Dean’s List, OSU

Personal Skills

Language: Mandarin (native); English (fluent)